Sunday, October 28

Greenhills Shopping Center 09-30-12

Last 09-30-12. Me with my family went at Greenhills Shopping Center. Uhmm... To be honest with you guys I cant think of anything else to say, all I want is to share this with you guys so just please bare with me. :) 

Before anything else here are some yummy photos for you. We ate at Sbarro, one of my favorite restaurant :) 
What's Sbarro without pizza ? :)  super yummy...
Me with my Grandma :D
After Sbarro Coffee break time at CafeFrance. :)
I have nothing to say about this photo :) its just a stolen one :)

Thursday, October 25

Sm Southmall 09-23-12

I just want to share this with you guys. This photo was taken at Sm Southmall last September 23, 2012. I know! haha! its been a month "Sayang" so I just want to share this with you so it wont be a waste :D  
This piece of Cake is very, very yummy I assure you guys you better try it. :)
As usual Starbucks are always on the spot :) 

Wednesday, October 17

Sm Sucat 09-10-12

Me with my Family went at Sm Sucat for a Dinner to Celebrate Grandparents Day too bad I only got few shots. Sorry for this is a very late upload :D 

Dinner at Our Favorite MAX'S RESTAURANT :)

Before we went home we drop by at Starbucks & have some Coffee break. My Favorite at Starbucks is the Frappuccino Caramel. Whats yours ? :)