Monday, March 11

Long Drive

Casual wear for a casual morning. Don't you just love my top ? from Art Work. I love their designs, because most of their designs are vintage like. Expect a vintage lover here :)

Top : Art Work
Shoe : Sm Department Store

Love, Steph <3


My super late post for 2013. I know I've neglected this blog :( That's a sorry for me. I just didn't have that time to squeeze into something like this. But I promise myself for this year (even though I'm 2-3 months late to fulfil my new years resolution - Hence the title.) that I would be as productive as ever. Haha Im just not a wordy person so will just post pictures, of what will my everyday of year 2013 would give me. Let's just hope for the better! :)

Love, Steph <3

Tuesday, November 6


Superb Bazaar at World Trade. Finally! After months and years of planning to go to a bazaar!. :)) Having hectic schedule are really annoying! I know you know how it feels when you cant even go to the place where you always want to go. Almost all the online shops are here. :) I was planning to buy online clothes but i'm so happy that everything I always planned to buy is already here! 
Entrance fee is only 100 pesos. Well it doesn't cost that much, cause you'll pay for the entrance then you're already paid for the bag and for the raffle. isn't that great ? :)

Anyway, here's what I wore at Superb Bazaar. Black & Yellow :D haha!

Bag from Greenhills
Black Wedge from Parisian